Project Development Objective

The main objective of the project is to reduce forest degradation and increase forest coverage through participatory planning/monitoring; and to contribute in building the long-term resilience of communities in coastal and hilly areas to climate change.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To establish newly afforested and reforested areas using climate resilient species to work as windbreak along the coastal and hilly areas;
  2. To support alternative livelihoods of forest-dependent communities; and
  3. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the forest department to manage forest in a participatory and sustainable manner.

 It is expected that the project development objective will be achieved through participatory afforestation and reforestation with proper planning and monitoring in the country’s 9 coastal and hilly districts. It can be anticipated that CRPARP will make a positive long-term contribution to the environment and Bangladesh Forest Department by increasing the forest cover using climate resilient species on establishing newly afforested and reforested target areas to work as windbreak along the coastal and hilly areas. By Increasing household income of beneficiaries participating in alternative income-generating activities and by improving the institutional capacity of BFD to sustainably manage forest recourses in the face of the climate change.