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Story on Rojina Begum

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Portrait of Life

CRPAR Project uplifting the lives of poor beneficiaries and labors like Ms Rojina Begum

“CRPARP has a great contribution in the improvement of my family. I will not forget the contribution of CRPARP” said 22 years old Rojina Begum a beneficiary and day labour of Climate Resilient Participatory Afforestation and Reforestation Project (CRPARP). She was born and brought up in the village Char Gangamoti, upazilla Kolapara, Mohipur Range of Coastal Afforestation Division, Patuakhali. Rojina lives with her husband and two children. Her daughter Miss Jidni goes to pre-primary school.

Rojina’s husband is a fisher man and also he works as a part time labor. Rojina used to run her family with her husband’s income until she became a beneficiary of CRPARP. It was difficult for her. There was no other livelihood option for them.  At that time, she came to know about the Project- Climate Resilient Participatory Afforestation and Reforestation Project (CRPARP). Rojina wanted to be a core beneficiary of CRPARP. Following the prerequisite patua1conditions, criteria and eligibility to be a beneficiary of the project, Rojina was selected as a core beneficiary and got work in the Nursery and in the plantation sites of Mohipur range. Since January 2014, Morjina became a beneficiary of Jhaw plantation of CRPARP. She works as a day labor with 300 taka wages in the nursery and plantation sites of Mohipur Range of Patuakhali. She worked for 100 days in the nursery and plantation sites till July 2015 and earned 30,000 taka. Rojina knows well how to prepare a nursery bed till the end of plantation process.  She is also a participant of Alternative Income Generation Activities (AIGA) of Arannayk Foundation (AF).  As a participant of AIGA, she received vegetable seedlings, fruit saplings, three domestic ducks and an eco friendly gas. Also she received a loan of 10,000 tk from the Mutual Rotating Fund of AF through its partner NGO- Uttaran.

After being a beneficiary of CRPARP and with the income from CRPARP, Rojina pays off her daughter’s school. In addition, she bought 13 decimals of land, established a tube well in front of her hut, and bought a cow in the June. In her homestead garden she grew vegetables from the seeds received from Uttaran and during winter she sold vegetables and made three thousand taka. Rojina sells the duck eggs and cow milk regularly.  Now her condition is much better than before. She can afford nutritious food and clothes for her children. She also made a shelter for them with straw and mud.

Being a woman, Rojina made her own identity in her locality being a beneficiary of CRPARP. Other people from her locality became interested and often come to her to know the process of becoming a beneficiary of CRPARP. People take advice, suggestion from her.

patua2Rojina attends the Community Consultation Meetings organized by the Range Officers, Beat Officers and the Community Mobilization Officers (CMOs) during the plantation time. She attended 10 community consultation meetings. With her, many other beneficiaries and women of her village attend the Community Consultation Meetings. Rojina feels happy when people refer to her. She also lends money in the bad time of her neighbors.  She talked to the Uttaran representatives and Uttaran representatives made two other women AF Federation Members.

Rojina lives happily with her family and expressed her gratitude towards CRPARP. In this way, CRPARP is helping the poor and land less beneficiaries to come out of poverty and lead a contented life.