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Story on Khaleda Begum

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Portrait of Life of Khaleda Begum

CRPAR Project uplifting the lives of poor beneficiaries and labors like Khaleda Begum

“I am benefitted by becoming a beneficiary of CRPAR Project. I work as a labor for Nursery and Buffer Zone
Plantation and run my family with the wages I get every day” said 32 years old Khaleda Begum (Rupban) a
beneficiary of CRPAR Project. She is a resident of Napitkhali beat under Fulchuri Range of Cox’s Bazar North
Forest Division. In her family, there are five family members. Khaleda Begum has two daughters, one son
and her husband Rahim Uddin. Khaleda’s three children go to school. Her elder daughter during her spare
time weaves thread caps to earn some money by selling caps in the local market.

Before associating with CRPAR Project, she was going through excessive poverty. She has no piece of cultivable land for growing crops. When Khalada heard about CRPARP, Khalada wanted to be a core beneficiary of the project since khaleda1it has a participatory approach and thinking people of the local community would have credible and sustainable benefits from the project. Following the prerequisite conditions, criteria and eligibility to be a beneficiary of CRPARP, Khaleda was selected a core beneficiary of CRPARP. After becoming a beneficiary of CRPARP from October 2013, she got the opportunity to work as a labour in the nursery and plantation sites of CRPARP on a daily basis. She take part in land preparation for nursery bed, nursery raising, and plantation site preparation in Napitkhali beat. Her significant work in the nursery and plantation sites are praise worthy.

In the fiscal year of 2014-15, on an average she worked for six months with 300 taka wages per day. In this way, Khaleda earned 54000 tk. She is also a participant of Alternative Income Generation Activities (AIGA) of Arannayk Foundation (AF). Through the partner NGO- YPSA of AF, she received vegetable seeds, fruit saplings and an eco friendly gas (chula). As group member, Khaleda will also receive loan from Mutual Rotate Fund of AF in near future. In addition, Khaleda’s husband Abdur Rahim (42 years old) recently has become a member of YPSA’s Community Petrol Group (CPG). He works as a watcher as a member of CPG and earns some money.

khaleda2Since October 2013, after meeting the household expenses, Khaleda used to save from her earnings. When the savings amount became 55,000 tk, she took a loan of 65000 tk from Islami Bank and Grameen Bank to build a house of her own. With the total sum of 120,000 tk, she built clay made house and used colorful tins as shed. Now she
is repaying the bank loan from her income without any gap as a day labour of CRPARP. Now Khaleda can provide three times meals to her family. She can pay off for her children’s school fees and can solve the tiny financial problems with her income at home. She has respect in her family which she did not get earlier.

Khalade also informs other women about the benefits of CRPARP and brings them to Forest Officials so that they can also get an opportunity to work as a day labor like her. In this way, she stops other women of the locality to go inside the forest. She presents herself in all community consultation meetings arranged by the Forest Department khaleda3Officials and Community Mobilization Officers (CMOs). In addition, Khaleda motivates other women to join the community consultation meetings. Many come for suggestions to her from the locality as she had made her own place in the society.

Khaleda begum is benefitted in many ways being a beneficiary of CRPARP. She works as a day laborer, she also gets benefits from AF and her husband also got the opportunity to work as a watcher of CPG member group.

In this way, CRPARP is creating employment opportunity to Khaleda Begum and other beneficiaries to alleviate poverty. CRPARP is helping the beneficiaries by arranging source of income to live a better life.