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Visit of the Sr. Director of the World Bank, Washington

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Visit of WB Sr. Director
From February 14-15, 2016, a delegate from the World Bank Bangladesh headed by Miz Paula, Sr. Director, World Bank, Washington visited some places of Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division to learn about various activities of Bangladesh Forest Department, Arannayk Foundation and Marine life Alliance. Mr. Md. Yunus Ali, Chief Conservator of Forests, Bangladesh Forest Department, Task Team Leader and Project Director, CRPAR Project, and Task Team Leader and Project Director, SRCWP, Executive Director, Arannayk Foundation and other officials were present in Cox’s Bazaar South Forest Division with the delegate.
Bangladesh Forest Department and Arannayk Foundation jointly facilitated the program. As part of the program, the delegate visited various plantation sites of CRPAR Project. The delegate visited buffer zone plantations of Thainkhali Beat under Ukhia Range. After the visit of the plantation sites, the delegate had an open discussion meeting with 100 beneficiaries of that plantation area. They beneficiaries opined for more plantations in the locality under social forestry programs so that the neighbors also can get the opportunity to involve themselves as the beneficiaries of the plantation program and can get the benefit.
The delegate then visited Khuniapalong of Ramu, Cox’s Bazar to see the activities of component -2 of CRPAR Project. They observed the activities of “Bahumukhi Unnayan Somobay Somittee” in Khuniapalog Union run by Arannayk Foundation with its partner NGO-YPSA. A discussion meeting also took place with the beneficiaries. YPSA with Arannaky Foundation formed the Somittee in February 2015 in order to improve AIGA of that locality to reduce their dependency on forest and forest produces. The Somitee consists of 105 marginal people (15 of them are CPG member whereas 65 of them are beneficiaries of Social Forestry program of Bangladesh Forest Department). The delegate also visited Madarbonia of Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar to see the activities of “Madarbunia Chakmapara Bon Raskha Somitee” run by SHED a partner NGO of Arnnyak Foundation. A colorful cultural program was performed by an ethic community of Bangladesh named Chakma.
The sea turtle conservation program of Marine Life Alliance was also visited by the delegate in Sapatkhali of Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar to observe the sea turtle conservation program of Marine life Alliance. They released a turtle named ‘Paula’ having a transmitter with her. The delegate had a discussion meeting with staff & volunteers of Marine life Alliance, Fishermen, students and the local people. Marine life Alliance, a non-government organization reputed for marine animals conservation programs. It was established in 2005.